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46 Beacon began at the Hope Theatre in Islington, back in 2015.  It starred Matthew Baldwin & Jak Ford-Lane, and was directed by Joshua Stamp-Simon.

The play received terrific notices from all the critics who reviewed it.  Here’s a sampling:

* * * * Playwright Bill Rosenfield possesses a skill in establishing character with detailed brushstrokes of ironic comedy and plausible romance as the action unfolds. Rosenfield plays his cards closely and keeps us guessing for a long time. Above all there is lots of wit and humor and tenderness. It is therefore a very even-handed and textured piece of writing. This may be a specifically gay play, but its emotional pillars stand proud as general and eternal themes.” – Tim Hochstrasser,

* * * * Please I urge you, if you like well-written, well-acted plays get to The Hope Theatre and watch 46 Beacon. You’d be a fool to miss it. I was enthralled by the graceful, clever, funny and deftly woven two-hander performed perfectly.” – Simon Jay,

* * * * The opening monologue of 46 Beacon must be one of the most enjoyable openings to a play that I have seen in a long time; perfectly written. The writing is so on point and so honest that the play flies along and writer Bill Rosenfield has a strong instinct for humour that gives the play an extra shine and dimension. The plot isn’t really the thing with this play – it’s all about the performances and the brilliant writing – 46 Beacon is nostalgic and tender as well as brutally funny. There is something so honest about the play, something in Rosenfield’s writing that is both brilliant and compelling. It’s a joy to watch.” – Roz Wyllie,

“46 Beacon is an 85 minute sizzling encounter. Full of humour and light- hearted enjoyment, Rosenfield keeps it punchy and fresh with great dialogue while offering a refreshing take that is ultimately sincere and warm.” – The Bardette

“46 Beacon tells an old story in a new way that moves the heart and head with its delicious blend of high drama, incisive issues and some sexy time. Compelling drama, gripping, it is surprising in its depth and revelations.  Bill Rosenfield’s script is replete with jokes for both American and British audiences.” – Daniel Barnes, Flazeda

“A beautiful play written with poignant feeling, it is a valuable and moving addition to charting our experiences of finding our gay feet. (And I loved the musical theatre references!)” – Mark Shenton,

“Bill Rosenfield has written with flair and humour. At no point does the audience gets bored or lose attention. I can confidently say that 46 Beacon is a very well written coming-of-age story, excellently acted, staged; an unexpected pleasant treat of an evening.” – Anna Mors, The Flaneur

“Pearl-clutchingly steamy and heart-crunchingly tender moments, Award-winning playwright, Bill Rosenfield takes a look at historic gay life but with a modern lilt and retrospect to try and prise something more out of the scenario. Ultimately, 46 Beacon is a play that looks back at a period of LGBT history with affection but turns down the rose-tinting to create something that’s free and feels a lot more honest, organic, and with more contemporary resonance. Driving 46 Beacon are two incredibly deep and well-observed characters. Strong and witty, 46 Beacon is steamy and bursting at the seams with sexual tension, but at the same time lovable and laughingly awkward. An endearing and provocative piece.” – Grumpy Gay Critic

“The script of this show is witty and timely in parts, bringing moments of pure wit into the works. Some truly touching moments that keep the audience engrossed. It was steamy, gentle and had an amazing cast.” – A Younger